FBI Issues New Year’s Eve Warning

Times Square and several other big city festivities have been put on high alert as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal agencies warn police departments across the country about potential threats. Large crowds everywhere are at risk, according to multiple sources.

New York state police will have heightened security measures for the big ball drop in the heart of NYC with concerns from everything from lone actors motivated by the Israel-Hamas war to people with mental health issues who have access to ways to injure others. Mayor Eric Adams said that the city has not received any credible threats but is acting “out of an abundance of caution.”

Public safety agencies are increasing security in places like Las Vegas, where hundreds of thousands will gather all the way down to sporting events or arenas where games will be played. More than a few leaders know all too well the tragedies that can and have stricken places big and small around the world during these types of holiday weekend events of all kinds.

“Lone actors may seek to disrupt or escalate violence at large gatherings, high profile events, or symbolic or religious locations throughout the winter. Such gatherings could become a convenient target for those inspired to commit violence against Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Arab communities,” the FBI said in its advisory. (keep this link so they can see the source)

“Although this announcement is not in response to any specific plotting activity, these targets likely remain attractive to lone actors inspired by a range of ideologies due to their accessibility and symbolic nature,” the agency said.

FBI official Robert Kissane told CNN that “we’re in a heightened threat environment” and have been since October 7th, when the war between Israel and Hamas started.

The agency is encouraging people to report any suspicions or potential threats to public safety.

“We take all potential threats seriously and will work closely with our law enforcement partners to determine their credibility, share information, and take appropriate investigative action,” the advisory said.

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