Taylor Swift on Top

Few people make it to the top of their field, let alone break multiple records, transcend their industry, and become household global name brands owning most of what they create, but that is exactly what Taylor Swift is doing. If that wasn’t enough, she’s making it look easy.

In 2023, Taylor Swift became a billionaire (with most of her money coming from her music, which is quite unusual), was Spotify’s most streamed artist globally, released two more Taylor version albums, had a tour film that is now considered the top concert film in history with over $249 million in sales (next closest is Justin Bieber at 75 million dating with more than 12 years of sales making up that grand total), had a tour that grossed over a 1.1 billion to date with a projected total to be 5.7 billion by the end of the tour, was named Time magazine’s person of the year and that’s not even half of all of her historic accomplishments in just the last 12 months alone.

With America’s number one sport being the NFL, tens of millions more are getting to know the name Taylor Swift every week as she dates 2 times Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce, watching him from the owner’s box almost every game. It’s become quite common now for not only the cameras to regularly turn to her reactions after Kansas City football plays, spotlighting her more than any other person associated with the team, maybe more than all of them combined. If this wasn’t enough, Taylor fans are showing up to games just to see her. Don’t believe me? They’re holding signs in the stadium.

I’m not saying she could run for president, but I’m not saying she couldn’t either. We really just don’t know where her limit lies. I suppose no one does, including her, so I guess we’ll be watching with a hundred million others looking on to see what happens next. A wedding, you ask? Maybe that would be new for her. You don’t care, you say? Too bad. She’s not going away anytime soon.

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