Taking Control of Your Inner Critic

In the whirlwind of daily life, one voice often takes center stage—the nagging whisper of your inner critic. May I share a  secret with you? That voice inside your head isn’t an accurate reflection of who you truly are; it’s more like a mishmash of external opinions you still carry. Most of those opinions aren’t even yours!

Ever heard of the Talmud saying, “We do not see the world as it is; we see it as we are?” This nugget of wisdom opens the door to an exciting adventure. It nudges us to think about the filters through which we see the world—filters shaped by our experiences and beliefs handed down from authorities in our lives – our parents, teachers, religious leaders, those “authorities,” etc. Those who we may not have even liked, and maybe can’t even remember. Imagine these filters as special glasses, each person wearing their own pair, coloring the world in their unique shades.

Your inner critic? Yep, it wears those special glasses, judging you through its a tinted lens. But here’s the kicker: just because your inner critic sees things a certain way, doesn’t make it the ultimate truth.

Crafting Your Own Story

Here’s the deal—those lenses your inner critic uses might be tainted with negativity, influenced by what parents, teachers, and religious leaders said. It’s important to recognize that these folks saw the world through their own experiences, not necessarily how it really was. Instead of letting your inner critic’s negativity rain on your parade, think about swapping those cloudy glasses for a pair that sees the sunny side. Just like you wouldn’t borrow someone else’s glasses, you’re not obliged to buy into perspectives forced on you.

So, when your inner critic says something mean or unkind, remember it’s looking at the world through its special glasses, which might not show the whole picture. You can take off those glasses or, even better, put on your own positive glasses that help you see the world brighter and kinder. You have the power to decide how you want to see yourself and the world around you, no matter what your inner critic says.

The world your grown-ups grew up in was totally different from yours. This is your golden ticket to realize that the beliefs handed down might not fit you. You have the power to ditch outdated ideas that don’t vibe with who you are.

For example . . . no one is born prejudiced! That is a belief (or a fear) foisted upon a child by some prejudiced adult!

Activities to Shift Your Filters

Meet Your Inner Critic – Get ready for a ride—listen to your inner critic for a minute. Figure out its game plan: is it your protector or saboteur?

Where Did It Come From? — Peel back the layers and find out where your inner critic’s ideas come from. Sort the empowering from the disempowering ones and grant yourself permission to choose the beliefs that lift you up.

A Voice but not a Vote — Give your inner critic a stage, but make it clear—it’s not calling the shots. Your choices? All belong to you. While your inner critic may have the stage, it does not have a vote as to how you live your life . . . unless the vote is for what enlivens and enlightens you.

Be Your Own Best Friend — Imagine your inner critic dissing your best friend. Not cool, right? Be a friend to yourself. Kick those criticisms to the curb with positive vibes. Remember, judgments from the outside don’t define your worth.

Your inner critic is just one voice in the epic journey of self-discovery. Grab the reins, redefine your story, and paint a canvas filled with self-compassion and resilience. The journey begins by recognizing the power within—your ability to shape your truth and shine as your authentic self.

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